Sex Doll Male Body Torso

Usually, male sex doll torsos come with extra-long and thick cocks created for pleasure. The feeling is very realistic. Most often, dual density technology will be utilized to recreate the feel of an actual erect penis and ready to be used in any way imaginable. Just apply a generous amount of lube and fulfill your wildest fantasies.

Sex doll torsos are easy to clean and maintain. If you follow the manufacturer’s recommendations, you’ll keep and enjoy your favorite toy for many years to come. In this sense, a torso is worth investing in. It’s an especially good choice for people who want quality from their solo routine. Additionally, a torso sex doll can be used with a partner.

What Material Should Choose for a Male Body Torso Sex Toy?

Male torso sex toys are mainly made of TPE and silicone.
The silicone sex doll torso is more firm. If you like a hard penis then it’s good. At the same time, the silicone sex torso can last longer. But it is more expensive.
TPE sex doll torso is very soft. It feels more like real skin. TPE’s chest and hips are very elastic. And TPE is very cheap.

Do Need a Condom to Have Sex with a Male Sex Doll Torso?

Both TPE and silicone are hypoallergenic materials. You can go without a condom. If a condom is used on your sex torso dildo, it will be easy to clean after use. And, if you share the sex doll torso with others, using a condom can prevent disease.
Of course, please don’t share. Because this is your personal item.