Male Torso Sex Dolls for Women

Only durable, silky materials feel like real skin. This will make you more willing to use male sex torso for women. Among the many materials used to make male torso sex doll, TPE and silicone are recommended. TPE is a soft and healthy material. The main feature is porous and elastic. And it’s cheap. Silicone is a better sealing material. But the price is slightly more expensive. Both materials are durable. And it feels like real skin. But the silicone sex doll torso is easier to clean. And it lasts longer. If you can live with the price, then silicone is undoubtedly the best.

Torso Type: Most of the male torso dolls on the market are smaller parts of the male body. Mainly include all the top middle of the belly and legs. Inexpensive and easy to store. But there are some shortcomings. When you ride, you need to find a point of support. The larger size is more stable. Because the larger size of the male torso includes the part below the neck. That is, the chest and shoulders, and some even have the head of a handsome man. In certain sex situations, you can imagine riding a real man. But larger ones tend to be more expensive.

Dildo length: The dildos that come with these sex doll torsos will vary in length. You can choose the size according to personal preference. The average length of these dildos is about 7 or 8 inches. But some are customizable. The bigger the penis, the fuller it feels during sex. Probably most women can handle even the largest size vagina. But for beginners, especially those with no sexual experience, toys with smaller dicks should be tried.