Male Torso Sex Love Doll

There are two materials, TPE and silicone. They have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Overall, the silicone sex doll torso dildo is stronger. If you like a harder dildo experience then silicone is good. And this material sex toy has a much better lifespan. But the price will be more expensive.

TPE sex doll torso dildo is cheaper. And it’s soft to the touch, like the skin. But it is porous and not easy to clean.

Choose one according to personal preference. Both materials are high-quality sex toys material.

What is a Male Torso Sex Doll?
The little dildo has been unable to meet the needs of women. Sex dolls aren’t just for men. So, there are many full-body male sex dolls and male sex love doll torsos on the market. Full-size boy dolls are not only expensive, but also difficult to store and clean. But the emergence of torso male love dolls solves these problems.

Not only are these half-body sex dolls cheap, but they also have many benefits. This is a sex toy designed according to the male body. The biggest feature is the strong muscle lines and erect penis. Usually, male torso sex toys also have a penetrable anal hole.