Male Silicone Torso Sex Doll

Are you looking for a male silicone torso sex doll, here is the right place. This collection are all the half body male sex doll silicone head and TPE body, there are big dildo torso love doll and big butt half realistic dolls.

Sex doll torso evolved from sex toys such as silicone male masturbation. The silicone male masturbation only has a butt shape or a vagina shape. The half sex doll has a newly added torso and head, which makes this sex toys more realistic and arouses sexual desire.

The advantage of a torso sex doll is that she is very light and her sexy half body makes you crazy. She can give you a special sexual enjoyment. The point is that half size sex dolls are lighter than full-size sex dolls and are affordable.

In this collection you can find best sex torso, and the silicone head and TPE body male sex doll torso is most popular.

82cm/2ft8 52.91LB Male Sex Doll Torso - Ronin