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Tantaly was founded with a rebellious spirit and a lofty objective: to create super realistic sex doll torso, at the same time become the standard maker of torso...

More About Tantaly Sex Doll Torsos Adult Toys

  • Tantaly was founded with a rebellious spirit and a lofty objective: to create super realistic sex doll torso, at the same time become the standard maker of torso doll industry.
  • As a market leader in the sex torso doll industry, Tantaly has always been committed to creating a range of high quality realistic torso sex dolls to provide a more realistic sexual experience for our customers. Tantaly's torso doll is made of high-quality TPE material, which simulates real skin texture and touch, making it look like a real woman. In addition, we are always focused on the needs of our customers, constantly taking on board their suggestions and comments, developing the latest processes and innovative designs, and striving to give customers the most realistic sexual experience possible.
  • Tantaly Doll gel breast technology has made a breakthrough, with its performance in terms of safety, feel and shape being higher than conventional products in the market, and the process can be adopted by both large and small breasts, and upgraded gel breast dolls will be available one after another. It is because Tantaly has always been customer focused that we have received over 50,000 positive feedback from our customers in the two years since our inception. In the future, we will continue to listen to our customers and innovate in technology to bring more realistic sex toys and experiences to our customers.
  • We have warehouses in the US, Canada and the EU, so you can enjoy fast delivery times of only 3-5 days. These compact and discreet dolls are easy to store, ensuring your sexual experiences remain private and confidential.
  • The Highlights of Tantaly Dolls

  • Full Breast: Tantaly has BBW production line, whose products have big breast and sexy nipples. It amazingly replicates the sensations of real breast and quickly drives you into a fantasy land.
  • Exquisite Body Curves: Designed to reflect woman's natural curvature, Tantaly Doll has a beautiful shape, making you eager to hug her and taking you to new levels of sexual satisfaction.
  • Advanced Skeleton: Due to her high-quality metal skeleton, the tantaly sex doll can adapt to any position you’re craving for. You can bend her waist, hips and legs in realistic positions to milk her in missionary, doggy, spoons and scissors styles.
  • Sex Fantasy: As we know, our brain is the largest sex organ. And our sex torso can amplify your pleasure with different dressing style. You can dress it up as you like, such as a sexy beach girl, hot volleyball player. Everything is within your control.
  • Precise Size: The torso sex doll measures almost diffrent inches in length and different pounds in weight, which simulates the real woman body size and tries to give you the most real sex experience.Just free yourself and have a wonderful time.
  • Realistic Tunnel: The tunnels begin with a tight entry point that leads you into a series of narrow chambers made up of pleasure rings, gripping nubs, and ultra-tight passageways expertly designed to gently message your cock with each and every thrust.
  • Unique Value: Compared with male masturbator and full sex doll, the sex torso allows more pleasure than a male masturbator and as much pleasure as a full sex doll. Besides, it is easier to store and clean than full sex doll and has more real feeling than male masturbator.
  • Three In One Pleasure: After buying this product, you can realize vaginal sex, anal sex and breast sex, which is really reasonable. So quickly place an order for a totally new sense-driven experience and enjoy a net increase of sexual stamina and pleasure.
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    Tantaly Doll FAQs

    Are The Tantaly Sex Doll Safe?

    Tantaly only work with large manufacturers with more than 10 years of experience in dolls production, and we have a full set of qualification certification for our products.

    Tantaly products are made of materials certified by FDA, CE, ROHS and no PSHs (certified carcinogen free). Tantaly products are manufactured by ISO9001 certified Chinese manufacturers. The Tantaly doll is made of an advanced metal skeleton structure as well as an internationally recognized environmentally friendly material, a medical-grade thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) that is soft, elastic, non-toxic, tasteless and safe to use.

    When Do I Need A Tantaly Sex Doll?

    1.When you are willing to improve your skills, it can use as a trainer.
    Some of our customers have never had sex. Others haven’t had very much and yet others just aren’t very good at it. Some I’ve spoken to are actually quite good at it, can get enough but have emotional issues that prevent them from connecting emotionally. So there are two things here. The more regular and non-judgemental sex that you’re able to have with a sex doll torso enables you to improve your sexual performance. It can take you out of your head and ground.

    2.When your wife/girlfriend is not available, the sex doll will comfort you.
    For most people, this is one of the top strengths. Technically you can have a realistic sex experience with your love doll torso however and whenever you want. Even in a new relationship with a woman, you can’t do that. Essentially you get complete control over your own sexual appetite and fulfillment of it. The visual and physical sensation of the sex is very similar to sex with a woman because the plastic is now such a good quality that it closely mimics the feel of skin and flesh.

    3.When couples want to try threesome, a sex doll can serve as a perfect gift.
    For couples, sex dolls can spice up your sex life. Whether you’ve always wanted to try out threesomes before or not, the love doll presents the perfect partner with no risk of hurting the relationship. People in long distance relationships, especially, can reap the benefits of a lifelike sex doll torso in a great way- you can meet your sexual needs and it’s technically not cheating.

    How & Where Do I Store My Sex Doll?

    For TPE sex dolls, the horizontal lying position is better for preservation. Please avoid downward positions, which may cause the doll's chest to deform.

    Please pay attention to the TPE doll to avoid extrusion, because long time's extrusion will cause deformation, and do not place heavy objects on the physical doll and avoid partial extrusion or tightening, etc.

    For packaging items, you can use sex doll storage box, frosted bags, original shipping box or storage bag to store the doll, so you can keep the foam and any protective items for storage!

    Also be careful not to put the doll for a long time on the leather or dyed leather seat, also avoid dressing the doll in dark color clothes for a long time, so as not to penetrate the pigment inside the skin.

    Storing the doll in a dry, dust-free environment that has access to fresh air is strongly advised. Avoid direct sunlight too as this can age the skin and cause discoloration.

    Never let TPE come into contact with the silicone. Chemical reactions will cause its degradation. If you own both TPE and silicone dolls, you should store them separately.

    Why Should I Buy A Love Doll?

    Whether you’re single or in a relationship, a love doll allows you to live out your wildest dreams without the need of involving anyone else and bringing all sorts of complications into your life.

    An adult doll can provide companionship, sexual satisfaction, even add some unique spice to your relationships. A real doll doesn’t care about your job, car, looks, or the contents of your wallet. They’re always up for a good time, and will never judge you for your fantasies or your hangups.

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