About Tantaly Daisy Customer Reviews

About Tantaly Daisy

Let's get to know Daisy, the 38.9LB Tantaly butt, a perfect blend of lifelike realism and irresistible softness. She's soft, supple, and curvaceous, a true testament to our commitment to realism. Whether you're looking for companionship or an intimate partner, Daisy is ready and waiting to help you hold a piece of paradise right in your hands!

Big Ass Daisy

Customer Reviews

This is my first Tantaly purchase and I went with Daisy. The product itself was amazing. The new tantabutt technology with Daisy is unmatched. Feels great. Closest to the real thing!!

The new Tantabutt material is very soft, even compared to similar TPE products. Please note that this means that extra care must be taken to avoid damage due to the nature of having a softer material. The inside is equally soft and pliable. This does mean less perceived tightness, but unless you're exceptionally large, there won't be any pinching/pain that you can get from other dolls.

From the moment she arrived, I was eager to see foruself, and I was not disappointed at all. Very jiggly, very plump, and has yet to disappoint me when the fun begins. Also satisfies my desire to pound a big ebony booty just like this.