About Tantaly Monica Customer Reviews

About Tantaly Monica

Monica is the best Tantaly sex torso. You will be deeply attracted to Monica's big soft jiggly breasts whenever she moves around. Her sexy curves and big booty will bring you an unlimited amount of pleasure. Anyone will be turned on by her erect nipples. Monica delivers amazing results and will satiate all of your sexual needs.

Customer Reviews

I would pretty much consider myself a boob guy, so Monica was rlly an eye catcher n since I’ve always loved small waist she was the perfect doll for me. After I received her n tested her for about a month, it was such a great experience playing with her big titties and giving her creampies in missionary , but challenging when I tried to other positions such as doggy.

The boobs one this one are pretty much perfect. This is a great toy if you can lift it! Use water base to keep it durable.

At first your going to need to get used to the weight of Monica … but once you do you will be in for a treat as she knows how to bounce in all the right places…. The second thing is getting used to the tunnel positions … it will take some time to learn the angles and fulcrum points to suit your positioning effectively. Once you get these two things figured out you will have an ideal toy to get you through the day and relieve the stress of dealing with everyday women!!!

Monica is very lifelike and sexy; her big boobs are soft and realistic. Squeezable to squeeze and to play with. Her butt is nice soft and firm. The moveable legs are A+++ moving her into position, getting Monica in the right positions. Sleeping With her doesn't make feel lonely on bed anymore.