Tantaly Deluxe Care Kit Customer Reviews

About Tantaly Deluxe Sex Doll Care Kit

Cleaning your love doll can be a headache, especially if the toy is a heavy, full-size sex doll. So why make your life harder? The Tantaly Deluxe Care Kit includes everything you need to make maintenance a breeze.

The lube applicator prevents too much from being used and reaches into the furthest recesses, while the douche flushes out any excess lube post-coital. The drying stick absorbs all remaining moisture ready for tucking your doll away in the included storage bag, safe and ready for your next naughty exploit.

Customer Reviews

Great Care Kit with everything you need to keep your love doll clean and an easier way to apply lube.

This item is great, it's a essential kit for your Tantaly dolls and a must have for storage and cleaning purposes. The bag feels nice and doesn't tear from the weight of your dolls. It's easy to use and very portable. I highly recommend this care kit for your dolls.

This care kit is ideal for cleaning your doll or toy! I’m especially impressed with the storage bag, as it can easily accommodate a 38 lb. torso doll. I just clean the doll, powder it up, and store it in the bag.