How to care for your sex doll torso?

The sex doll torso provides a novel way to have sex, she allows you to take the lead and experience real sexual pleasure. At the same time, there is no need to manage relationships between people. This is the perfect sex alternative for people with social phobia or who just don't want a partner.

But whether you’re investing in a sex doll torso or you already own one, you’re going to face the issue of sex torso maintenance. Do you also have a lot of doubts when you see that the torso of other people’s sex dolls is still as good as new after being used for a long time, but your own is in tatters?

In fact, this is all related to your daily usage habits and maintenance methods. If you are willing to have the patience to read this article and take the right action. Trust that your sex love torso will last you longer too.

Know your sex doll torso material

Whether buying, using or maintaining, you need to know what material your sex doll body is made of. Only in this way can we prescribe the right medicine to make maintenance easier and more efficient.

Sex torsos can be roughly divided into two types: TPE and silicone, and their maintenance methods are similar. However, because TPE materials are softer and more porous, maintenance costs are generally higher than for silicone sex doll torsos. But in terms of price, it is also much lower than the silicone sex doll torso, and TPE is softer to the touch than silicone and not as durable as silicone material. Therefore, maintaining a TPE sex doll torso may require more effort.

Once you’ve determined the material of your sexual torso, it’s just a matter of maintaining it in the right way for the rest of your life.

Daily maintenance of sex doll torso

Routine maintenance of a doll's torso is more important than thorough cleaning. To make it easier for you to understand, we have categorized this in many aspects. If you actually follow these steps in your daily use, I'm sure your sex doll torso will last longer!


Most beauty lovers are basically keen on dressing up their sex torso to make it look more beautiful and not so naked. Moreover, the different costumes of the dolls will bring you different experiences. However, there are a few things to keep in mind before dressing your doll in beautiful outfits!

1. Wash the doll’s clothes
Because most clothes have the problem of fading and contaminating the doll's skin, and the contaminated parts cannot be washed away. Therefore, before dressing your doll, make sure the clothes have been washed and the color will not fade.

2. Avoid wearing brightly colored clothes
Brightly colored clothing has the potential to stain your doll's skin, even after multiple washes. In order not to stain the skin of the sex doll's torso, avoid wearing brightly colored clothes. If you really like a piece of clothing, you can test it on a hidden part of the doll's body (like the top of her thighs) to see if it stains.

3. Don’t put tight clothes on your dolls
Compared with human skin, doll skin made of silicone and TPE is softer, so if you put them in tight clothes for too long, it may cause strangulation marks on the doll skin, and this effect may not be repaired, and it is easy to Cause harm to the doll! Therefore, if not necessary, try to wear looser clothes for your doll.

Do you prepare lube when you have great sex with your doll? Most people choose to use lubricant for lubrication. Be careful not to use silicone lubricant on the torso of your sex doll, as oil-based lubricants may damage the material.

We recommend that you use a water-based lubricant for lubrication. Because it will not react chemically with the doll, it is safer and healthier for the body. Of course, you can use a lube applicator for a more comfortable experience!


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