What is the best time to clean the torso of a disposable doll?

Do you think regular, thorough cleaning will make your doll healthier? Unfortunately, the opposite is true. We recommend giving your doll a thorough cleaning every 2-4 weeks to ensure the hygiene of your doll's torso and make it last longer.

Remember, the doll does not require you to fully clean it after each use. Doing so will cause the doll's skin to degrade more quickly, making it easier to shorten its lifespan or cause the skin to tear. Therefore, only clean the soiled areas after each use and try to avoid cleaning large areas.

Regular cleaning of a sex doll torso is important for its own safe use to avoid some health risks. And the correct cleaning method can indeed greatly increase the service life of the doll's torso.

I believe everyone who owns a doll is full of love, so when the doll's torso brings you wonderful feelings, you also need to take care of it as tenderly as you would your girlfriend/boyfriend. Believe it or not, your little sweetheart will stay with you longer, and you'll always enjoy the feeling of a cuddly doll.

To clean the doll torso we recommend using the Tantaly Deluxe Sex Doll Care Kit. The Tantaly Deluxe Sex Doll Care Kit includes a portable sex doll washing machine, two drying rods, a doll storage bag and a lube applicator.


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