The Most Comprehensive Sex Doll Cleaning Guide

Proper Steps for Cleaning Your Sex Torso

Have you ever thought that the way you clean your sex doll is wrong? Don’t be surprised and retort, after reading our detailed list of the correct steps to clean your sex torso, you’ll know it all!

1. Distinguish the material of the sex doll
This is very important when cleaning the sex doll torso. The torso of sex dolls is generally made of TPE or silicone material. This can be seen from the basic introduction of the product when purchasing.

The reason why you need to distinguish the material of the doll is because TPE dolls require more time and energy to clean than silicone dolls! Therefore, if you are using a TPE doll, you may need to prepare more.

2. Choose the right tools and cleaners
When cleaning your doll torso, the right cleaning tools are crucial! In fact, it is not difficult to clean the skin of the doll's torso manually, just like taking a bath. The hard part is cleaning the inside of the doll's vagina and anus! Since the vagina or anus of most dolls are constructed with different textures, although this allows you to enjoy more stimulation during sex, the disadvantage is also obvious, that is, manual cleaning will become difficult.

At this time, you need the help of some doll cleaning kits, which can better help you clean the inside of the doll's vagina, greatly saving you time. For example, the following two common vaginal douches for dolls:

3. Correct cleaning sequence
Once the preparations are done, it’s time to start cleaning our doll! Of course, it is also important to master the correct cleaning sequence, which will double your cleaning efficiency and make cleaning more thorough!

Most people prefer to clean the torso of their sex doll, starting from the surface. In fact, the correct method is to first use the doll's vaginal irrigator to rinse the doll's vagina or anus to flush away the excess residue. Then clean the vagina and anus and the doll's skin with soapy water or an antibacterial solution. Finally, wash the whole body thoroughly with water. Once you’ve made sure you’ve thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, it’s time to move on to the next step, drying!

4. Make sure it is completely dry
This is very important for both silicone dolls and TPE dolls! Making sure your doll is completely dry will go a long way in preventing the growth of mold and bacteria.

After cleaning the doll's torso, you first need to wipe the doll's skin with a microfiber towel to dry the excess water, and then use auxiliary tools such as drying rods to fully dry the doll's vagina and anus. Finally, place the doll in a ventilated place to dry completely. Of course, you can also use a fan or insert a tampon to aid drying.

It is important to note that do not attempt to speed up drying by placing the doll near a radiator, fire or any other heating device, as this will damage the doll's skin and accelerate the breakdown of the material, making the doll's torso no longer durable.

After leaving it for more than two hours and completely dry, you can apply talcum powder to the surface of your doll's skin. This will help make your doll's skin smoother and prevent your doll from becoming a dust magnet! If you'd like to learn more about caring for your doll's torso, check out our sex doll care guide for more information on caring for your love doll.

Precautions When Cleaning The Se Doll Torso

Before systematically cleaning the doll, you need to pay attention to some things to avoid irreparable damage due to carelessness!

When cleaning or drying your doll, do not put too much pressure on your doll's skin. Failure to do so may cause the doll's skin to tear

The doll's skin will be very smooth when cleaning, so be careful with your grip. It is recommended to clean on a flat ground to prevent the doll from falling!

Please stay away from sharp objects when cleaning to avoid scratching the doll's skin.

Pay attention to the type of cleaner and do not use abrasive soaps or any other harsh chemical cleaning products.

Do not use baby wipes on your doll's skin as they contain chemicals that can destroy the components of the TPE.


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