How to choose a sex torso?

As we all know, a sex doll torso is a more prominent sex toy than a masturbation cup. Its portability and realism are unmatched even by sex dolls. But with the development of the times, it is also constantly updated, with more and more types and different styles appearing.

For experienced sex players, it's not difficult to find your favorite style among the wide variety of sex torsos. But for novice players, it is inevitable that they will lose themselves due to the various choices, and it is difficult to choose the torso sex doll that best suits them.

For this reason, we specially edited this blog. This article will take you through some of the popular sex torso styles. And introduce some information about them so that you will not be confused in the future selection process!

What types of sex doll torsos are there?

While sex doll torsos may come in many styles, we can categorize them perfectly based on their appearance, materials, and functionality.

1. Classification by appearance
According to the appearance of sex doll torsos, they can be roughly divided into the following three categories:

Female sex doll torso
Characteristics: Looks exactly like a woman. Designed with female breasts, vagina, and anus, they are generally plump and soft.

Male sex doll torso
Characteristics: Appearance similar to a human male, with a real anus and penis. Generally have strong muscles and flat chassis design.

Shemale sex doll torso
Features: Combines the physical characteristics of men and women. Having female breasts, a vagina and anus, and a male penis.

2. Classification by material
As high-end sex toys, the torso of sex dolls are generally made of high-quality silicone and TPE materials. Other materials are not considered due to inferior properties and safety concerns.

Silicone sex doll torso
Safe and healthy, not prone to skin allergies.
It feels the most real and not sticky.
Not afraid of high temperatures and oil-free.
No odor and easy to clean.
Longer service life.

The price is relatively expensive
Not as resilient as TPE
Easy to stick to dust

TPE sex doll torso
The price is relatively cheap.
High softness, better touch in private parts.
It has strong fatigue resistance and temperature resistance.

Quality varies, some are good and some are bad.
There may be a little oil.
Improper storage can easily damage the skin.

3. Classification by function
Sex doll torsos can be divided into ordinary torsos and vibrating torsos according to their functions. This is because, as technology continues to advance, sex doll torsos are constantly being developed and optimized to give you a more realistic sex experience. Thus, the vibrating sex torso that vibrates and sucks was born.

Vibrating sex doll torsos offer additional advantages over traditional doll torsos in that they can simulate the vibration and sucking stimulation of a real vagina. And it's easier to clean and use than the former.


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