About Tantaly Britney Review

For people who have tried and enjoyed some sex toys, I highly recommend Tantaly Britney. While not a full size sex doll, she is big enough to feel real, light enough to move around easily, and is sure to last a long time!

The "Britney" sex doll is a mid-size sex torso doll from Tantaly. Offered in "Fair" and "Wheat" skin tones, this doll has everything you need for a fun night alone. From her voluptuous breasts to her luscious curves, Britney's appearance is rivaled only by her performance in the bedroom! Whether you prefer missionary, doggy style, boobjobs, or something else, this mid-size sex doll can turn your sexual fantasies into reality!

Britney is a busty, posable torso sex doll. With realistic feeling and looking breasts, a poseable spine, and high-quality TPE, she has a lot to offer. Her nipples, skin, and labia are all accurately detailed, making the experience more immersive. Britney's breasts and buttocks jiggle realistically; like real-life, both are fun to play with! Overall, Tantaly did a great job making Britney look as realistic as possible.

Realistic detailing
Jiggly breasts and buttocks
Can fit into regular clothing
Weighted but not “heavy”
Available in two skin tones

Somewhat pricey
Cleaning kit sold separately
Drying can pose a challenge


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