About The Tantaly Channing Review

Tantaly’s Channing is a beautifully sculpted partial-body sex doll torso that has an adjustable penis. The Channing has a smooth feel and is a joy to squeeze. For those who may love to keep things tidy, the Channing is easy to clean and does not take up too much space.

Tantaly Channing is beautiful to look at. It has a chiseled frame and is quite reminiscent of an erotic dancer or gym bae. Not only that, the look improves depending on your preference for penis shape. Regardless of your preference in look, you will be able to shape it your way. Whether you are rubbing it or squeezing the toy, Tantaly’s Channing also feels great all over.

Tantaly products are excellent in quality and there is no difference with the Channing. The Channing has a beautiful mold and it is clear the designers were thoughtful about transporting the toy from one place to the other. The overall weight of the toy is spread out, making it easier to carry. There also feels like there is a rod within the sex toy that prevents it from bending too much and it does not hinder use. The materials used to construct Tantaly’s Channing are enjoyable to the touch, and somewhat firm, yet flexible.

Flexible penis
Visually appealing
Easy to clean
Can be used for role play
Great tool for practice

Can be heavy for some
Penis does not maintain erection
Can have difficulty penetrating the toy’s anus
Not travel sized


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