How to Choose the Japanese Sex Doll for You?

If you truly appreciate the stunning looks of Japanese girls, then Japanese sex dolls really are some of the most incredible thing! When it comes to Japanese sex dolls, there are a lot of options out there. It can make your head spin! So what do you need to look for before making your purchase?

Size – Some dolls are big, some dolls are small, ALL of them are a lot of fun! But one thing that a lot of people don’t think about at first is how size affects storage. If you buy a small Japanese sex doll it will be pretty discreet. If you go for a large one though, it’s going to be a lot tricker to hide away! It’s definitely worth thinking about size and storage!

Materials – If you want your Japanese sex doll to feel good, you want to get hold of one that is made of a high-quality, premium material. Look for dolls made of silicone or TPE – not only do they feel the most realistic and human-like, but they’re also easy to clean and maintain!

Realism – This is a matter of personal preference. Most dolls are realistic to a certain extent, but the design of a doll’s face can make or break the overall “realism”. If you’re after the most realistic doll possible then you’ll likely want to look at customizable dolls. These allow you to choose your doll’s breast size, eye color, facial design, hair color, and more!

Price – At the end of the day it all comes down to cost and money! You don’t want to break the bank when buying your Japanese sex doll, so be sure to check the price. No sex toy is worth spending TOO much money on, so no matter how horny you might be while sex doll shopping, always keep one eye on the price!

For a silicone sex doll torso, the Jacobina is absolutely fantastic. It is rare to find a sex doll that looks so incredibly life like…but we like it! Sanhui Jacobina boasts some of the sexiest curves you’ll ever see on a doll. She has ample breasts, and textured vagina and butt holes, both of which will stimulate you as you slide in and out of them.

This busty Silicone toy stands at 80cm tall and has an internal steel skeleton with moveable joints. That means if you want to position her for maximum fun then you totally can do! If vaginal and anal sex are your thing, then that’s totally possible as this Japanese beauty has two textured holes that are just begging for some fun!


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