About The Transgender Sarina Torso Doll Review

I suggest transgender Sarina torso doll if you're past the beginner stage and ready for more. It's beginner-friendly yet offers additional features for growing users.

The Transgender Sarina sex doll is a wonderfully affordable trans sex doll! With a tight hole, big breasts and a cock, this beauty gives you plenty of erotic options! Feeling life-like to touch and weighing in at 19.8lbs, it moves and jiggles as naturally as a real human body. With a realistic looking 7 inch cock and ample breasts, Tantaly Sarina really is irresistibly tempting, don’t you agree!

If you’re looking for a trans sex doll but you’re on a budget then the Tantaly Transgender Sarina Torso Sex Doll is just the thing for you. Made out of TPE this sex doll is realistic to the touch, and will quickly heat up to body temperature as you play. Featuring irresistible jiggling breasts, a nice tight butt and a whopping 7 inch cock, you can have fun with it in a whole variety of different ways.

Unfortunately it doesn’t have the most realistic body proportions and lacks a head and limbs, so we can kind of understand how that might be a bit of a turn off for some people. Nevertheless, it’s still a very well-priced and ravishingly fun trans sex doll torso.

Realistic feeling
Life-like movements
Very affordable

No head or limbs


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