About Tantaly Mia Customer Reviews

About Tantaly Mia

Mia is the world's first torso sex doll with removable vagina. In response to numerous customer requests, the Tantaly development team spent six months researching, developing and designing this removable, multi-channel buttock. In addition, the soft buttock technology currently under development was applied to the Mia for the first time.

Mia is a sexy little wildcat who looks aloof on the outside but is wild on the inside. She needs a real man to look at her body and satisfy her desires.

mia torso

Customer Reviews

This is my first larger tantaly doll, fucking it from behind is absolutely amazing, it will throw itself back at you which makes it feel so much better. The cleaning is also much easier due to the removable inserts. The jiggle from tantabutt is also amazing and differs greatly from a cheap torso I've bought off Amazon. Would recommend you purchase! Beware though, once you get one, you'll want more.

Started my tantaly journey recently and my first doll was a torso. I looked for something that was quick to deploy, enjoy and maintain. Mia has both new features in removal and jiggle physics. I see on Reddit much talk about the higher end, heavy larger toys and even Daisy, Mia is easily a competitor for those who want to maintain discretion for their actions but still have a great product that feels amazing. Highly recommend.

It’s pretty awesome. Be careful not to get it dirty. If your like a mechanic by trade and get any dirty fingerprints on that booty. Dang impossible to get off. Product is great though.

I had no idea this doll would feel so amazing...the specs of the doll were very precise and the dimensions were exactly what I expected. The three removable vaginal channels are a great customization option and provide users with versatility to suit different preferences.