Safety Tips to Avoid Damaging Your Torso Sex Doll

There is no denying that sex dolls are the most common possessions of their owners. This means that taking care of your doll must be your top priority. We have no doubt that your doll companion is well taken care of by you, but there are still some areas that may go unnoticed by you. For example, the way you carry the doll or store the doll may affect the overall safety of the sex doll.

Here today, we are going to share some safety tips to help you avoid damaging your sex doll. These suggested tips point out some important areas regarding your sex doll that require your attention.

Carefully unpack the doll
The unboxing process is where most accidents occur. Almost always, doll owners get overly excited when meeting their doll companions for the first time. In this excitement, they ignore every safety rule, resulting in injuries to their dolls. We would say that you suppress this excitement for a moment and then open your doll with a calm mind. You may need to be more careful with your new doll.

First of all, simply tearing open the box is rude and a bad idea. If you don't need a box, use some box cutters, gently cut open the box, and carefully remove the doll. However, it is recommended that you keep the box intact as it serves as a good storage place for the doll. Additionally, you may find that your doll is a little stiff because she is still new to this world. So, if she acts a little nervous, don't push her. Just give her a few days and she'll relax around you.

Priority is given to using a wheelchair to move the doll
Why should I use a wheelchair to move my doll? This will make my doll look like a patient just discharged from the ward. Yes, we know you're probably thinking these questions, but we recommend you hear us out first. Sex dolls are not feather-light objects that you can hold without straining your arms. A sex doll can weigh more than 50 kilograms. Just thinking about it makes our arms hurt. True, there are some lightweight dolls, but even they carry a considerable amount of weight.

Therefore, it is safer for your doll lover to use a wheelchair or any other portable play equipment with wheels to move your doll lover. Remember, wheels are the key word here. This will reduce, if not completely eliminate, the chance of accidents as you move around the doll.

Always turn the love doll right side up
Unlike us humans, these dolls cannot lie face down. When a baby lies face down, all the pressure and weight of her body is transferred to her chest, knees and face. Also, like us, sex dolls have no living muscles and tissue to protect them, their silicone or TPE bodies can only withstand so much, and leaving the doll face down will damage her.

The simplest solution is to lay the doll on its back. While this may seem like a simple tip, many doll owners have damaged their dolls by not following this seemingly simple tip.

Avoid weird postures
This is true for humans as well as dolls, but our reasoning will stay in the context of sex dolls. You must understand that dolls are somewhat delicate and any awkward or difficult positioning will damage their body structure.

Simply put, try not to teach your doll yoga. This doesn't mean you should cut back on things like sexual positions. Remember, none of these "positions" should be too complicated. Well, try not to put your doll in an awkward position. Apparently, we can't resist a location pun. As we mentioned before, sex doll bodies are not designed to withstand extreme stress, and exposing them to such stress can damage their bodies.

The correct position for the doll is a regular sitting or standing position. The idea is to keep your doll in a relaxed and comfortable position. This will prevent your doll from getting hurt and save you trouble.

Don't overstretch
A final thought of the day was discussed and we concluded the morning assembly. We all know dolls can stretch. Both TPE and silicone offer considerable flexibility for sex dolls. However, the flexibility is unlimited. Simply put, her body is synonymous with chewing gum, and you can't stretch it too far, too much. Keep in mind that these stretching habits may tear your doll's skin or, in the best case scenario, leave permanent marks on her body. We don't think you want either of these scenarios to happen.


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