About The Tantaly Rosie Review

The Tantaly Rosie partial doll is both fun to touch and use. It has very soft, yet bouncy skin, is easy to clean, and is also quite versatile. Ass sex torso Rosie is beautifully designed, and weighs a little over 30 lb. Due to this, be mindful of how you use it and whether or not you can easily pick it up.

Whoever designed the toy paid close attention to the female body, which I appreciated. Outside of the look of Rosie’s vagina, the toy has a firm ass that is a joy to look at. Not only does Tantaly Rosie look good, but the toy also has a great feel. The best way I can describe how torso doll Rosie feels is that it feels like well-moisturized, bouncy skin. Rosie’s skin is oily, also. Due to this, one must be mindful of where they leave their toy.

Do you enjoy penetrating your sexual partner while standing, hovering over them, or lying on your back? Do you prefer your partner to ride you? Depending on your answer, your ease of use will change. Using the toy while standing provides easier access to either hole; however, placing Rosie on its back may cause some difficulty because the toy moves more. I prefer to use Tantaly’s Rosie when lying on my back.

I have tried masturbatory toys in the past, but unfortunately for them, they do not compare. One can determine the quality of Rosie solely by touching its skin. It does not feel realistic, but it feels great regardless. The butt sex doll Rosie is also quite sturdy. I have slapped it a few times, dropped it on the floor, and pinched and pulled on its fleshy material. Tantalus’s Rosie snaps back and continues to bounce. Excellent quality!

Versatile in use
Gelatinous, fluid-like movements and feel
Visually appealing
Easy to clean
Can be used for role play
Great tool for practice

Can be heavy for some
Cleaning supplies are extra
Not travel sized


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