Top 3 Most Affordable TPE Torso Sex Dolls

WM Bedelia
Are you interested in owning a sex doll, but your limited budget is making you reconsider? Well, you shouldn’t give up on your dream of owning a doll just because you have a limited budget. To help you make a better choice and decision, we’ve compiled a list of the best affordable torso sex dolls you can find online. To save you the trouble, we’ve listed here the best cheap TPE sex dolls you can buy right now.

WM Bedelia
Bedelia is an adorable TPE doll from WM Dolls. She stands 88cm tall and weighs 21kg. She is an E cup doll with a bust size of 84 cm. Bedelia is a young and bold beauty with a well-proportioned figure.

She offers a nice range of customization options, most of which are free and don’t add any extra cost. If her cute facial features don't appeal to you, you can choose a different head. A variety of wigs are also available if you want a different wig style. For a paid accessory, you can opt for a full-body heating mechanism that will give her the warm body temperature we humans have. Bedelia is a doll that is loved by everyone. She is that "neighbor doll" who is both cute and sexy. Although she doesn't have any outstanding temperament, her subtle charm wins people's favor.

Piper Ariel
A beautiful creation from Piper Dolls Ariel is the perfect example of stunning and sexy. She is a lightweight doll, very similar to the previous entry, weighing only 17 kg (57.32 lbs). Alexis is a proud E cup doll with a 75cm bust. She stands 75cm tall.

When it comes to personalization, Ariel is anything but modest. You can choose a new wig, a completely different head, or even a different eye color. She even supports standing feet upgrades, if you're willing to spend a little more money. For a bisexual person, they can purchase a detachable penis for her. The most unique thing about Ariel is her perfect beauty. We say perfect because from her sexy body to her stunning face, everything is stunning.

Yeloly Merida
Merida is a lightweight doll, weighing only 7kg, which is commensurate with her 40cm height. Nella is very open to personalization, you can modify her head, wig, and even her body tone at will. You can even choose between removable and fixed vaginas. Nella exudes a calm yet exciting aura that attracts everyone. If you're close enough, you might feel the same way.