The Controversial World of Sex Dolls: Different Opinions on Society

With the popularity of torso sex dolls, there has been a gradual emergence of voices and ideas regarding sex dolls in society, leading to a wide-ranging discussion. The discussion surrounding sex dolls in society can be traced back to a considerably early period, although the exact timeline is difficult to determine. However, we can gather some insights from important milestones.

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In the 1950s, the market saw the emergence of the first batch of plastic and rubber sex dolls primarily targeting the adult market. This release sparked public controversies regarding the legality and morality of sex dolls at that time.

Moving into the 1970s, amid the sexual liberation and second-wave feminist movements, discussions about sex and sexual products became more open. At this time, more people began to see the potential role of sex dolls in sexual liberation and personal satisfaction.

At the beginning of the 21st century, with the widespread adoption of the internet, the discussion and communication about sex dolls further expanded. People started to discuss and share their views and experiences regarding sex dolls more extensively through online forums, social media, and the development of the adult industry.

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As technology advanced, the design and manufacturing of sex dolls continued to improve, making them more realistic and diverse. This further drew attention and sparked discussions among the public regarding sex dolls, including ethical, psychological, legal, and social impact-related issues.

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Ethical Perspectives: Some people view sex dolls as morally corrupt products, believing that the use of sex dolls goes against traditional moral and ethical principles. They argue that sex dolls encourage objectification and the abuse of sexuality, which can have adverse effects on human relationships and societal values.

Sexual Liberation Perspectives: Some people consider sex dolls as symbols of sexual liberation. They believe that sex dolls provide a means of fulfilling the sexual needs of individuals with special requirements or those who are unable to find suitable partners. They argue that individuals have the right and freedom to choose and use sex dolls, which reflects their personal autonomy.

Sex Education Perspectives: Some people argue that sex dolls can be used for the purposes of sexual education and therapy. By using sex dolls, individuals can explore and understand their sexual desires, alleviate sexual pressures or anxieties, and learn about sexual knowledge and skills in a safe environment.

Psychological Perspectives: Some people believe that sex dolls can fulfill people's emotional and psychological needs by providing a sense of companionship and emotional support. Especially for those who feel lonely, anxious, or psychologically troubled, sex dolls can serve as an emotional outlet and solace.

Women's Rights Perspectives: For some advocates of women's rights, sex dolls are seen as symbols of objectification and oppression of women. They argue that the existence of sex dolls further exacerbates gender inequality and the objectification of women's bodies.

These different perspectives represent the attitudes and ideas of different individuals towards sex dolls. Now, as for the people directly using sex dolls, what are their thoughts? And how do sex dolls impact their lives?

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One user named Kevin mentioned that his wife works in a hospital and often has to work consecutive night shifts. He feels the need for companionship during her absence. They engage in threesomes with a sex doll torso during their time together. Now, Kevin wants to buy a penis attachment for his wife to add more enjoyment to their time as a couple.

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Mark states that engaging in sexual activities with a doll is more morally acceptable to him than seeking out and maintaining a new relationship. He believes that he only needs sexual satisfaction to fulfill his physiological needs, without the need for communication or intimacy. This frees up more personal time for him to focus on his career without the hassle of interpersonal relationships.

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Grace mentioned that she has dated a man who owns a sex doll, and she has bought new sex toys for him. During their time together, she realized that his views on sexual interactions with women and objects were not significantly different from those of others.

These conversations represent the perspectives of some users, and for them, using sex dolls may help to alleviate loneliness or avoid the complexities of interpersonal relationships while fulfilling their sexual needs. This has no significant impact on society and remains their personal choice.

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The fact is, using sex dolls is a personal choice, and it will never change the way humans interact with one another.


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