7 Anal Sex Tips

You've read everything about how to prepare for anal sex and how to have it. And you've probably had anal sex a few times, so what happens next? Here’s a list of helpful anal sex tips that we just had to share with you!

1. Always use anal lube
Anal lubricants are thicker and longer lasting than vaginal lubricants. Whether you're having anal sex or just using anal toys, you'll appreciate the difference. For extra mileage, you can try anal lube with numbing ingredients—just take extra precautions when playing to make sure you don't hurt yourself.

2. Don’t forget your cheeks
Although the butt is not as sensitive as other parts of the body, it still contains a lot of nerves. Ask others how they feel after being spanked! You can stimulate these nerves with massage - gently rub your partner's cheeks to help them relax and turn them on. This makes anal penetration easier as they are less likely to clench.

3. Get ready for the shower
Preparing for anal sex can be a confusing process. Don't risk your sheets or rugs, but be prepared in the shower so you can flush them all down the drain. This is especially important if you use an anal irrigator.

4. Slower is better
Being energetic and energetic may be appropriate for vaginal sex and porn movies, but not for anal sex—especially if you don't do it regularly. Going slow and steady gives your body critical adjustment time and ensures your partner is having a great time, too. After warming up, you can gradually increase the speed.

5. Anus is not enough
Some people can orgasm through anal penetration, but this is very rare. If you want your partner to have fun, you need to pay attention to their erogenous zones, too. This could mean teasing her clitoris or stroking his penis—whatever it takes. A small vibrator might be just what the doctor ordered.

6. Try multiple locations
Just because you like vaginal missionary, doesn't mean you'll like anal missionary. It's important that you and your partner try a number of different anal sex positions to find the one that's most comfortable and pleasurable for both of you. Check out our Top 3 Anal Sex Positions article for inspiration.

7. Stock up on wipes
Keep some nearby during and after anal sex in case you need to clean up quickly. In this case, it's definitely better to be safe than sorry.

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