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Torso sex dolls are made of TPE, silicone and in some cases, a combination of the two. Both materials have advantages and disadvantages. Think carefully about how much money you want to spend before deciding on the material of your love doll. A sex doll torso made of TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) is the most common option and very popular with our customers. These torso sex dolls already look very realistic, but usually cost much less than torso sex dolls made of silicone. A silicone doll on the other hand is even higher quality and more realistic than TPE dolls, but also costs more money.

Sex Doll Materials:

  • Silicone — Silicone is the preferred sex doll torso material. It will feel almost like a real woman! Being a non-porous material, it can be completely sterilized, which is the best way to combat bacterial growth. Silicone is also temperature resistant, meaning your torso sex doll could enjoy a sexy shower with you! However, it feels less realistic than TPE or TPR to the touch and is more expensive.
  • TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) — TPE is a budget-friendly sex doll torso material. It’s also porous, which means it can’t be sterilized, can retain moisture, and requires more treatment (renewal powder) if you want your toy to last. However, TPE feels and behaves more realistically than silicone, which could be important if you like to watch jiggly breasts/buttocks.
  • TPR (thermoplastic rubber) — TPR is extremely similar to TPE, requiring the same aftercare due to the fact that it’s a porous material. However, TPR looks more “glossy” than TPE.
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