DE Stock: Free Shipping 3-5 Day

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Fast Delivery

Our warehouse is in DE, the dolls on this page can be shipped to anywhere in the Germany and will be delivered by FedEx/DHL within 3-5 working days (except holidays).

Why Is The DE In Stock Doll Cheaper?

The factory will regularly produce a batch of dolls, and after the production is completed, they will be shipped to the Germany by sea. Because it is shipped in large quantities, the shipping cost is lower, so the dolls DE in stock are cheaper.

DE stock dolls have all arrived at the DE warehouse and can be shipped normally. As long as you place your order now, within one day's time (business days), we will arrange for delivery.

Note: It can be noted that DE in stock dolls can only be shipped and distributed within the Germany, and cannot be distributed to other countries and regions.


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