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What is Vajankle?

Vajankle is a combination of vagina and ankle.The Vajankle was birthed when one of customers asked if they could insert a vagina into one of the feet they were already manufacturing since he wanted to be able to be able to stimulate himself while caressing the foot. The toy is designed for those who have a foot fetish and would like to experience sex while simultaneously fulfilling their fetish.
The vagina is designed to be placed above the ankles or on the soles of the feet. This is because some people like having their soles fucked, while others prefer women's toes. In order to better cater to the aesthetics and preferences of different people, the vagina is specially designed with different positions. Of course, no matter where you put the dildo, the vagina will be very tight.

The Vajankle Is The Ultimate Sex Toy For Foot Fetishists

Vajankle is a sex toy in the shape of a foot with a vagina attached. For those who really get off to a lovely feet, the Vajankle is a sex toy that could make or break your alone time.

Foot flashjacks are perfect for guys who are into feet and fetishists. Perfect for foot fetishists!

  • Relatively Inexpensiv
  • Higher quality material
  • Feels good and realistic
  • Lacks humanlike presence
  • Easy to hide and travel with
  • Ages very well, can be used many times


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