How To Clean Your Sex Doll Torso?

The best things in life can be masturbating and experiencing blissful orgasms. But when it comes to the consequences, they inevitably need to be cleaned up.

Have no fear, though, because whether you have a handy little dilator, a life-size sex doll, or a sex doll torso, it's not a big mountain to overcome. Unlike cleaning a vibrator, cleaning is very easy.

To that end, we’ve put together a guide on how to clean a torso sex doll. By following these tips, you can ensure that you can use it safely and easily.

Why should you clean a sex torso?

There are several reasons:
Keep sex torso fresh
Prevent the spread of germs
Prevent mold from forming and spreading
Keeps sex torso intact and prevents wear and tear
Extends the life of your sex torso

How often do I need to clean a disposable doll torso?

It is highly recommended to partially clean the soiled areas of the sex doll’s torso after each use and to clean the entire body twice a month. Additionally, no matter how durable your sex doll torso is, the spread of mold and bacteria will worry you.

For example, the torso of a sex doll is made of breathable TPE. So when it gets wet, mold and bacteria can grow and spread there. Indeed, despite the unpleasant sound, cleaning doesn't take long and you'll be glad you did.

What should I use to clean my sex torso?

The best items for cleaning are:
Mild antibacterial soap
microfiber towel
Tools that best help you clean (shower head, vaginal douche, spray bottle, etc.)

How to clean a sex torso?

1. Gently twist the nozzle out of the enema ball, squeeze to release the air, fully immerse it in water to release the air, then twist the nozzle back to complete the installation.

2. Insert the tip with the spray hole fully into the channel in the doll's torso. Squeeze the bulb to release water mist through the spray hole and into the channels in the doll's torso. The water washes away the sperm and lubricates the fluid in the channels of the doll's torso. If you don't have a sprinkler, you can use a shower hose attachment, but only on low water and gentle settings. Avoid using boiling water when cleaning the doll torso as it can damage the TPE. Warm water is ideal.

3. Shake or squeeze out most of the water from the doll’s upper body.

4. Gently insert the drying rod, making sure not to overstretch and scrape down the opening of the doll's torso tunnel. Place it in contact with the drying stick, roll and squeeze gently to disperse the moisture.

5. Carefully remove the stick and allow it to dry. Ambient humidity and temperature both affect how long it takes for an object to dry. A drying stick lasts a long time because it can be reused.

6.  Use a soft cloth to gently massage the damp skin of the doll's torso to remove any remaining moisture. Don't apply too much pressure.

7. After you have extracted most of the liquid from the doll's torso, let the doll sit for an hour to dry completely. Never use a hair dryer or any other type of hot appliance on the doll's torso. Avoid placing anything near a fire, radiator, or other heat source to speed up the drying process. At this point, you can use talc or cornstarch (but only on the outside) to give the doll's torso a pleasant smell and prevent the skin from becoming sticky. Do not apply talcum powder while the doll's torso is still damp.

8. To ensure your doll torso is in a sealed and dust-free environment, carefully insert the doll torso inside the storage bag and pull the string at the top of the bag.


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