How are sex dolls or torsos made?

How are sex dolls made?
How are these silicones or TPE made? If you're a die-hard doll lover, chances are these questions have got you thinking. It's natural to be curious about how a sex doll is created.

We will explain to you how sex dolls are made. We will take you through the entire procedure and process of creating a beautiful sex doll. So, stop being curious and let’s dig in.

Draw dolls on paper
The first step in making a sex doll is done by the creative hands of artists and designers. They made detailed sketches of the sex dolls. After all, with a complex creation like a sex doll, you need the right design to work with. This sketched design is then used to sculpt the 3D model of the doll.

Generally speaking, the entire body of a sex doll is made from one mold. However, some manufacturers may choose to manufacture the arms and legs separately. It all depends on manufacturer preference. Once the basic model is ready, it is divided into different parts.

It should be noted that the doll's head is made separately. This is because the head is a more delicate job and requires more attention than the body.

Make mold
But haven’t we created the mold yet? The answer is both yes and no. What we saw in the previous stage was a basic mold, which in turn was used to create the negative mold. Don't take this term too seriously as it is the primary mold that supports the sex doll's bone structure. The bones must be adjusted appropriately to keep the doll in a natural posture. Under normal circumstances, the bone structure is "thicker" in the thigh and chest areas. We'll talk more about this later. The most important thing at this stage is to ensure that the structure of the doll is appropriate. This means that the mold must be perfectly synchronized with the skeleton. Only when this "synergy" is completed can we move to the next stage.

Pour TPE or silicone
What are sex dolls made of?
We now reach the step of using TPE or silicone. Yes, this does not happen until the third stage of the manufacturing process. In the previous stage we have successfully created a mold supported by a skeleton in place. Now we pour the TPE or silicone over the mold. It is crucial to pour the right amount of silicone or TPE. The problem is that if you use too little TPE or silicone, the doll's design will be very stiff. Simply put, it feels like having sex on a hard, thick rock. On the other hand, if we use too much TPE or silicone, the doll will become too loose and appear flabby.

During this stage, the skin's pigmentation and other details, such as skin texture, are also addressed. At this particular stage, there is absolutely no room for error. Even a small fluke can completely ruin a doll's design. So this step requires pure, unadulterated scrutiny.

After the material is poured, let it cool.

Remove the mold and fine-tune the doll
This is probably the trickiest but most fun part of the whole process. The first step here is to remove the mold and remove the doll. Around this stage, the core structure of the sex doll is ready. However, sex dolls don't look like the glamorous models you see on the market. There is a lot of excess material on the doll that needs to be removed. This is done by design experts who adjust and shape the doll. But their job isn't just to remove some excess "fat."

The skin is also fine-tuned and evened out by experts. This is usually done with a spatula. Once that's done, we move on to the next step.

Final customization
This is the final step in the sex doll making process, and without a doubt the most detailed. Here, the doll is decorated with eyes, nails, hair, eyebrows, correctly shaped breasts, etc. The doll also has details embedded in it to make her more human-like. Well, the whole idea is to make the doll as realistic as possible. This stage is different for every sex doll. Furthermore, this stage is undertaken by many experts and professionals.

You can also see if any areas of the doll need work or need adjustments. For more advanced dolls, such as artificial intelligence dolls, this stage becomes more complex. The dolls come with all these fancy modifications like moaning devices, tongue and teeth kits, and more.